Egg Ceplok: Sustainable Cat and Dog Apparel for Eco-Conscious Pet Parents


Discover our eco-conscious homewear for your beloved furbabies! Crafted from organic materials, our products are chemical-free, breathable, and durable, ensuring maximum comfort for your furry friends. With fair working conditions for farmers and factory workers, our homewear is gentle on your pet’s skin and the planet. Join us in creating a happy, healthy environment for your companions—100% fur-friendly, 100% earth-friendly.


Hey there, fellow fur-parents! Ready to pamper your precious furbabies with some eco-chic homewear? We’re on a mission to make them feel like royalty while keeping Mother Earth happy too!

Say goodbye to scratchy, chemical-laden fabrics and hello to organic goodness, the TENCEL! Our materials are as clean as a freshly groomed pup, making them perfect for sensitive fur and skin. Plus, they’re so stretchable and breathable, your furball will feel like they’re lounging in a cloud!

Best bit? It comes with an eco-friendly matching egg toy in an egg carton. You are going to love unboxing it for the gram!

And get this—our homewear is tougher than a terrier’s tug-of-war game! It can handle all the zoomies, snuggles, and snoozes your pet throws its way, getting softer with every wear. It’s like a fine wine, but for pet accessories!

Oh, and did we mention we’re all about fair play? Our materials come from farmers and factories where everyone gets treated like top dog. It’s paw-sitively ethical!

So, what’s the end result? A happy, healthy companion with a wardrobe that’s 100% fur-friendly and 100% earth-friendly. Because when your furbaby feels good, you feel good too! Let’s make sustainability stylish, one wag at a time. 🌱🐾

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