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Interview with King – our Pets Own Milk ambassador

Getting to Know King: A 10-Question Interview with the 18-Year-Old Shihtzu

Meet King, the charming 18-year-old Shihtzu who has been delighting his owner with his playful antics and love for “Pets Own” milk. We finally have the time for an appointment to sit down with our busy ambassador for this interview after the Pet Expo. He needs to caters to his fans visiting, rehabs and spas and guess what, he will be off to guest star at another event this weekend already. We are so incredibly honored to be spared some moment this weekend!

So, in this exclusive interview, we delve into King’s world to discover his thoughts, preferences, and funny anecdotes related to his favorite beverage.

  1. Q: How did you discover your love for “Pets Own” milk?
    A: I must confess, I never considered myself a milk aficionado, but a few years back, I stumbled upon Pets Own milk and fell head over heels. Its delightful vanilla-like aroma and perfectly balanced texture won me over in an instant. Who knew I’d become such a connoisseur of dairy delights?
  2. Q: Tell us a memorable moment with Pets Own Milk
    A: Once upon a time, I found myself in a sticky situation: my beloved Pets Own milk supply ran dry, and my dear human seemed unfazed by the crisis. Oh, the innocence! Little did they know, I decided to voice my concerns in the only way I knew how – with a spirited bark-alarm from 8 to 10 pm! But fret not, for the universe works in mysterious ways! The wonderful folks at Pets Own Milk, bless their hearts, swiftly dispatched a magical LALAMOVE express delivery to rescue me from my milkless plight. As I eagerly awaited by the door, my tail wagging with anticipation, my heart danced with joy as my creamy savior arrived! And guess what? I’ve got the receipt to prove it! Ah, the sweet taste of victory – and Pets Own milk! 🐾🥛
  1. Q: Do you have any special rituals or behaviors when it comes to drinking your milk?
    A: Oh, you bet! I have a mischievous streak that leads me to indulge in non-stop slurping until I find myself gasping for breath, lost in a sea of milk. It’s a habit that tends to startle my human from time to time. Teehee… 🥛😄
  2. Q: Have you ever had a “Pets Own” milk party with your fellow furry friends?
    A: Oh! I had a free flow milk party on my 17th birthday and everyone also went home with a goodie bag which includes Pets Own Milk for them to try out! It’s always a blast sharing the goodness of “Pets Own” with my buddies.
  3. Q: Would you consider yourself a connoisseur of “Pets Own” milk?
    A: Absolutely! I’ve tried other brands, but nothing compares to the creamy deliciousness of “Pets Own”. Psst, some milk also gave me a volcanic diarrhea, ouch!
  4. Q: Do you have any secret hiding spots where you stash your “Pets Own” milk?
    A: It’s no secret that my owner has a bit of a hoarding tendency when it comes to Pets Own Milk. We’ve got enough stock to rival some of the local resellers! I would say it’s not hoarding, I finish 1L in 3 days or LESS!
  5. Q: Have you ever dreamed of swimming in a pool filled with “Pets Own” milk?
    A: Oh, that would be the ultimate dream come true! Just imagine, a pool of creamy goodness to swim and splash around in. Blissful feeling to be diving and slurping at the same time.
  6. Q: Can you tell us about a time when “Pets Own” milk saved the day for you?
    A: At a certain juncture, I found myself in a deep slump, unable to stomach solid food for several days. All I managed to put down my throat was Pets Own milk. My owner took comfort in knowing that its nutritional balance sustained me until I was ready to return to solid foods. She was grateful that it helped me navigate through such a challenging period in my life.
  7. Q: Would you say that drinking “Pets Own” milk makes you a better guard dog?
    A: Definitely! It gives me the strength and alertness I need to keep a watchful eye on my territory.
  8. Q: Have you ever tried to teach a human how to properly appreciate “Pets Own” milk?
    A: Oh, I’ve tried, but humans just don’t seem to understand the pure joy that comes from sipping on “Pets Own” milk. It’s a dog thing!

Alright, KingKing, as we wrap up, we’ve got to ask the burning question: How do you maintain that youthful glow at 18?
Well, let me tell you, it’s no walk in the park. I don’t just roll out of bed looking this fabulous, okay? My human puts in some serious effort. Especially after an accident on the groomer’s table a couple of years back – therapy was a must and I am well taken care of by Andy from Optimus Animal Rehab.
Regular checkups are key, too. And of course, daily grooming sessions filled with compliments and cuddles from the world’s best sitter, Emelyn Jie Jie (she also fed me with lots of milk btw). But above all, it’s all about showering me with love and patience – because let’s face it, I’m a bit of a diva with attitude.

Alright, lastly, we understand you were present at the Singapore Pet Expo 2024. Could you share how this newfound recognition has impacted your life?
Oh, yes, the Pet Expo 2024 was an unforgettable experience! Being in the spotlight at such a prestigious event was a bit overwhelming at first, but it was also incredibly exciting. Everybody was taking my photos as they recognize me from the standee, which is now home with me. My fans are tagging me in social media on their purchases of Pets Own Milk, especially after it comes highly recommended by me, they are now calling Pets Own Milk the “long life milk”, but amidst all the newfound fame, one thing remains constant – my attitude at home and my love for “Pets Own” milk and the joy it brings me every day.

Here we extend our heartfelt gratitude to King, the charismatic 18-year-old Shihtzu, and his loving owner for allowing us to peek into their world filled with joy, laughter, and of course, the delightful essence of “Pets Own” milk. King’s exuberance and affection for his favorite beverage remind us of the simple pleasures in life that bring us closer together, both as humans and as cherished companions to our furry friends. May every sip of “Pets Own” milk continue to bring King and his owner endless happiness and fond memories for years to come. You can continue following King’s adventures here on his Ohmykingking Instagram! Woof!

Thank you for reading our interview and do look forward to the next as we prepare the search for the next purr-sonality unleashed for this space. Stay Tune!